Robert Brandom (Philosophy Now)

Author: Jeremy Wanderer
Type: eBook
Date Released: 2008
Format: djvu
Language: English
Page Count: 251
Isbn10 Code: 0773534865
Isbn13 Code: 9780773534865

Review "The danger with a book as good as Jeremy Wanderer's introduction to the thought of Robert Brandom is that people will read it instead of reading the original. It is fortunate, then, that the book is extremely good; clear and well-referenced with regard to straight points of exposition and explicit when offering reconstruction, amendment or interpretation of Brandom's position. An important resource for students and scholars alike." - Philosophical Papers "A very good book. It is an intelligent, interesting, economical, unpretentious, and accurate exposition of the main features of Robert Brandom's philosophy of language. Wanderer gets Brandom to speak for himself, without using the history of philosophy as a mouthpiece, and the voice we hear is much clearer." - Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews "Wanderer's book provides us with a very insightful overview of Brandom's work, one that helps not only to clarify his ideas, but also to continue a critical discussion of the merits of Brandom's significant contributions to our understanding of what it is to be, as Aristotle described us, animals with language." - International Journal of Philosophical Studies "A genuinely edifying introduction to Brandom's thinking is now available ... displays a detailed knowledge and understanding of Brandom's demanding work and admirably succeeds in its aim of introducing Brandom's project." - Philosophy in Review "A very good guide, at once thoughtfully critical and generally sympathetic. It introduces in a direct and clear way many themes in Brandom, but does so according to its own plan, thereby shedding light on aspects of Brandom's thought that can be hard to discern in the original presentation." - Danielle Macbeth, Haverford College, Pennsylvania An excellent book. The author has an assured grasp of a very difficult, structurally complex area of philosophy and he has plenty to contribute to the debate, both by clarifying the issues and also by adding a critical dimension.A" - Rowland Stout, University College Dublin --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. About the Author Jeremy Wanderer is lecturer in philosophy at the University of Cape Town.

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